Best Kermanshah Cuisines to eat for tourists

Kak or yokheh snack as a thing to eat of kermanshah

Kak or Yukheh is a traditional pastry and souvenir that is souvenir from Shiraz and Kermanshah cities and is considered as a delicious, high-energy and light food among the people of the region. Name of this pastry in Shiraz is Yokheh, or Kak in Kermanshah.

Nan berenji snack as a thing to eat of kermanshah

Nan Berenji is one of the famous and very popular sweets in the city of Kermanshah, which is also known as souvenirs of this city. Nan Berenji was previously considered one of the most important gifts for Nowruz. This authentic and very tasty pastry is pleasant to all the taste and the aroma of the Nan Berenji, tempting in the traditional Bazaars of Kermanshah is always appreciated.

Nan khormaei snack as a thing to eat of kermanshah

Nan khormaei is a cookie made from dates, wheat flour, sugar, Kermanshahi oil, saffron, water, rose water, and eggs, and is souvenir in Kermanshah. Nan Khormaei is made without sugar and its sweet taste is due to the presence of nectar of dates and pieces of dates inside it.

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