About Khuzestan Province

Khuzestan Province is considered One of the oldest areas of Iran's plateau which has a 9,000 years old history; moreover it has a diverse natural attractions so that attracts many tourists.Both historical and adventure, the sea and the mountains, plain and desert, pilgrimage and travel, do not differ, you will get everything you want from a trip in Khuzestan.

Khuzestan is a province in the southwest of the country and on the border of the Persian Gulf.

The oldest area of the Iranian plateau, the shrine of the prophets, the heart of Iranian energy. A land with warm and dignified people who are unique in hospitality. An area with a sacred earth, which has nothing to do with goodness and generosity. It hosts Karun and is located on the Persian Gulf.

Khuzestan Province Due to its diverse nature, different ethnic and religious cultures have become one of the most important tourist areas in the country, which has attracted the attention of tourists. It is considered to be the center of oil and gas production in Iran, with an area of 64057 km Square and population has become the fifth heavily populated province. The province is limited to the central city of Ahwaz from the north to Lorestan province, from the east to the provinces of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari and Isfahan, south to Bushehr and the Persian Gulf, and to the west to Iraq.

Khuzestan Province has a 9,000-year-old civilization with a unique nature that has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists every year. The province is a place where we all hear the name of a hot sun and palm trees. Let's go Spring and autumn can be considered the best time to travel to Khuzestan, because the weather of most of its cities is cool and comfortable and can be safely visited the attractions of Khuzestan.This article introduces a number of landmarks in Khuzestan to get to know more about us.