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Martian mountains Plain and Hill as a natural attraction of Sistan baluchestan

Martian mountains

Martian mountains Plain and Hill

Martian mountains Plain and Hill as a natural attraction in Chabahar of Sistan baluchestan. Did you know you can see the face of Mars on Iran? Just tilt your way to the Chabahar Martian Mountains as Natural Tourist Attraction; a strange and wonderful place that invites you to a space trip. These mountains, which are also known as miniature mountains, are considered to be Chabahar sights The wonders of these mountains will increase when on the other side of the road you will have a view of the sea of Oman with a blue heaven above it and in the Martian Mountains at night, you can simultaneously observe fourteen constellations.

martian mountains

martian mountains

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Martian Mountain road is One of the Best in Iran

The road leading you to the Martian Mountains of Chabahar is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran. The road on the one side of the Martian Mountains of Chabahar surrounds you with your dream color and on the other side of the fantastic scenery of the beach and the sea and the red sand with desert shrubs in your eyes. That's why it is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran and the most beautiful road in the province. This image will be one of the most beautiful memories of you.

Fourteen constellations

Going to the Martian Mountains of Chabahar, you walk into an area that has a great reputation for its sky and offers a spectacular look to you. Miniaturist or Martian Mountains of Chabahar is one of the unique and beautiful attractions of the Chabahar area, with the nearby sky beautiful and smooth, and the ability to observe simultaneously fourteen constellations. For several years, the tourist complex has been built in this area, where amenities like a bathroom, a canopy, 6 suites and a platform for observing stars are found.

About the Martian Mountains of Chabahar

About 35 to 40 kilometers from the city of Chabahar, along the road, is one of the wonders of Iran's nature, known as the Martian Mountains of Chabahar or Miniature, and is known as Kalani or Aria in the local language.

These mountains may not be well-known, but they are unique in Iran and the world. The color, material and appearance are very strange. The Martian Mountains of Chabahar are colored between the golden and white, and vary in color from the light during the day. These mountains are the continuation of the Zagros Mountains, which extends to Pakistan, and is similar to the Nehbandan of southern Khorasan.

The height of the mountainous mountains is very different. You are not faced with an equal mountain range. One is 5 meters high and another 100 meters. Due to the fact that the mountains are sandstone, clay and limestone, Chabahar residents use these mountains to produce cement and bricks.

The haphazard shapes of these phenomena are due to the rapid erosion against wind and rain, which, unlike calm and natural erosion, does not leave a resting period for plant growth, and it shows the region with its edges and gaps. Also, the desiccant resistance of the Earth's layers in this area sometimes causes the formation of columns with warheads on the head or mountains that are cut like a knife.

Geomorphic phenomena of Martian Mountains

The Martian Mountains of Chabahar are one of the monuments drawn along the coast from the Catcho area to the gwadar Bay, and are the geomorphic phenomena of this area. The Martian Mountains of Chabahar had been under the waters of the Oman Sea for several million years, in that form at that time as a small part of the Indian Ocean, and they were getting out of the water.

According to available studies, the texture of the miniature mountains dates back to the third period of geology, four to five million years ago The soil of these mountains is sandstone and marl. Unlike the Red Planet Mars, the color of the Martian Mountains of Chabahar is bright gray, besides, on the body of these mountains, there are various fossils of organisms such as oysters and fish that are indescribable.

Oysters, fish and whale fossils are found in some parts of the area and are considered one of the attractions of the Martian Mountains of Chabahar. It is likely that the mountains have been dipping in the waters of Oman, or the tide of the sea has brought its own to the area and left its work in this way.

Getting to the fishing village of Tis, the scenic view of the marsh mountains near the road ends. The village dates back to 2,500 years ago and was famous for the book of the Conquerors of Alexander the Great, and has gradually become Ti. Tiz Port is an active business that has been destroyed by the Mongols.

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