Red beach

Red beach of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan and iran

Hormuz Red and Silver Beach as Natural Tourist Attraction. The island of Hormuz is Red shade next to blue sky. On the small island of Hormuz, what is most persistent in the minds of the coast is the beach that lets you sit next to the Gulf sea and enjoy watching the waves. This time the waves have come in red and they want to collapse all the equations in your mind. This part of the island is covered with red soil and it is also colored due to crosses with sea water. Red soil moves along the waves of the sea to and fro and adds to the beauty of the beach.

red beach

red beach

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About Hormuz Silver and Red Beach-Coast

Walking along the beach line brings you from the red color to the brilliant gouges. Which is also the result of the chemical process and the erosion of metal compounds. In this stroll you will find that your legs, shoes and pants are getting red. Of course, it's not worrying, and this color is later cleansed by washing your clothes and body. You will see a group of photographers and perhaps a painter of this beautiful nature. Seeing all the color of the taste of the arts in any viewer awakens.

The dawn and the sunset on the Red coast offer a neat, golden, yellow, orange-blue color in the sea and beach landscape, which is more like a bold, glazed painting than realistic landscapes in nature.

Hormuz red soil

Hormuz's red soil has a high economic value and exported it for several years in order to use in various industries such as dyeing, cosmetics, glass and ceramics, But exports have become more limited today because of the loss of this unique soil.

The Red Beach is in fact the best-quality red soil that after Spain has the best quality of these minerals in the world and has many industrial and cosmetic applications. Iron oxide with a purity of 70% is the main ingredient of this soil, which is pink and red. When the sea wave crosses with the colored soil, part of the soil dissolves in water, giving it a pale pinkish waves that give attractive and memorable views. Red soil is the same part of the island's soil, which is edible and used in spice herbs. You can put a little bit of it without leaving your mouth in the mouth and taste it.

Why is the beach color of the island of Hormuz red?

The entire color of the island of Hormuz is caused by the presence of an element, and it is an iron oxide element that is present in 70% of the island's red soil, and it's colored in this way. Hormuz Island is considered as one of the world's largest mines of the Red World, and it has about 40,000 tons of which each year it can extract 1,800 tons.

Edible Hormuz Beach!

Perhaps you've heard this talk and wonder why the Red Hormuz soil can be eaten. If you've heard the sentence, it's true that the red soil of this area is nutritious and you can taste the taste of the beach and taste it.

It should be said that there is no concern for you to eat this soil, because if you do not feel it yourself, you will eat it in local cuisine. This soil, which is famous among the locals in Beoglek, has many spices in the area.

People in the area use this soil to cook fish and bread and prepare pickles, jam and sauce as spices and make them create a special taste for their own dishes. One of the famous mouthpieces of the area is the souraq which is cooked with these special spices and is very tasty.

Best time to travel to Hormuz island

To travel to this beautiful beach you can travel to these southern regions of Iran in autumn and winter. These seasons are said to be due to the fact that southern regions of Iran are influenced by warm and sunny weather in the autumn and winter seasons, which is why the best time to travel to the Red Sea is the autumn and winter seasons.

Hormuz red Beach-Coast Addresses

Silver Beach or Red beach,Hormuz Island, Hormozgan Province, Iran

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