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Miankaleh Lake and Wetland as a natural attraction of Mazandaran and Golestan


Miankaleh Lake and Wetland

Miankaleh Lake and Wetland as a natural attraction in Sari of Mazandaran and Golestan. Miankaleh Lagoon or Wetland as Natural Tourist Attraction is an international Lagoon or Wetland and is considered one of the 12 biosphere reserves of the earth. Miankaleh Lagoon or Wetland Iran's bird-watching paradise, and rare birds from around the world can be seen in this area. Nearby are some of the most beautiful and fascinating attractions of Iranian nature such as Naz Plain, Miankaleh Peninsula, Ashooradeh Island.



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About Miankaleh Lagoon

One of the important and valuable habitats of water birds and drought in our country is considered. This international Lagoon or Wetland, known as bird sanctuary paradise in our country, is especially popular among nature lovers. This Lagoon or Wetland is part of the Miankaleh Nair Wildlife Refuge and is one of the most respected habitats for bird and drought. Among the many types of bird species found in this area, a wide range of migratory aquatic birds can be found, such as flamingos, peaches, ducks, swans, geese, and some species of bird birds such as Lagoon or Wetlands and turtles White and dry birds such as Caspian Pheasants, Dragons and Beeswax. In the waters of this Lagoon or Wetland, there are also several species of fish, such as carp, mullet, white, swarf and sturgeon, regenerated and cultivated.

Miankaleh Location

Miankaleh Lagoon or Wetland is located on the peninsula of the same name.

The middle part of the peninsula is narrow and runs from the north to the Caspian Sea, to the south to the Gulf of Gorgan and to the west to the Zaqmarz Lagoon or Wetland.

Also in the east is Ashoordeh, and reaches the port of Turkmen with a narrow strait of less than one kilometer.


Due to the fact that Iran is located in a warm and dry climate, many migratory birds come to our country each year to escape the severe cold of the northern parts of the world. One of the places that these birds choose to spend the cold season are Lagoon or Wetlands and one of the most important and most popular Lagoon or Wetlands that migrating birds in Iran is the Miankaleh Mazandaran Lagoon or Wetland.

Once you have traveled a distance, you should walk down the car. But first of all, you must put your boots and try to open your way through shrubs, grasses and plants without hitting your foot. Then it reached a wide plain that looked like a swamp over the course of the journey, making it difficult to move and staying close to the water in the same manner. You should constantly get wet boots in your sunken flower. But when you reach the beach, stickiness ends and you can walk and walk comfortably. The walk in this part of the Lagoon or Wetland is different from all the hiking trails you have ever done. Here's the perspective of a flat, flat ground, while there's no car horn and rattling noise. The pollution comes to zero and the air you breathe is clear. The most pleasant voice is Birds that you hear: The combination of different vowels of different species of Iranian and foreign birds. However, the water grows low and touches your legs and cools down.

Best time to travel to Miankaleh Wetland

It's the best time to travel in the midst of nature and pleasures of air conditioning, but if you are planning to visit migratory birds, we suggest that you visit this beautiful wet pond in the cold months of late November to late March.

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