Asalem khalkhal road

Asalem khalkhal road of gilan and ardabil

If you are a traveler from the north of Iran and you are planning to visit cities like Asalem and Khalkhal during part of your trip, I promise you that you will soon enter the amazing road called Behesht(heaven) Route. Asalem to Khalkhal tourist road, which is the most dreamy forest road in Iran, is located in the north of the country and connects Asalem city in Gilan province to Khalkhal city in Ardabil province. Although this forest route has a very beautiful and eye-catching nature, it is less known and this has caused it to remain pristine and untouched.

asalem khalkhal

asalem khalkhal

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About Asalem to Khalkhal Road

This road starts from Asalem city in Gilan province and ends at Khalkhal city near the south of Ardabil. In fact, at the end of Asalem-Khalkhal road, you can reach different cities of East Azarbaijan, Zanjan and Miyaneh provinces.

Half of the 70-kilometer route from Asalem to Khalkhal is  forest  and the other part is Talesh summers. A painting is displayed in front of your eyes. This route, which connects the two provinces of Gilan and Ardabil, is one of the most unique roads in Iran.

Asalem khalkhal road weather

The unpredictability of the climate of this forest road and its coolness in the hottest days of summer is another wonder. Due to its location in the northern part of the country, the Asalem-Khalkhal tourist road is affected by its climate and has a humid climate, so it is accompanied by rain in most seasons. At the beginning of this road, you may encounter clear and sunny weather, but as you approach Khalkhal and the road is located at high altitudes, you will be surprised by the thick fog and rain, so always have the right clothes with you.

It's beautiful in every season

This is the best time to enjoy the flowery plains of those months of May and June. In summer, to forget the heat, you can go to this beautiful road and enjoy the cool weather. The beautiful nature of the Islam-Khalkhal tourist road wears a thousand colors in autumn clothes. Although the road will be closed in the winter due to cold weather and snow and rain, nothing will diminish its unique beauty.

What villages are on the way from Asalem to Khalkhal?

There are several villages along this route that host tourists. It is good to know that the names of some small villages that are on the way from Asalem to Khalkhal are not on the map and you have to reach the villages with the guidance of the locals. Asalem, Hashtpar, Talesh, kela sara, Gijav village, Almas pass, Andbil, Bildir forest area and Nav village are among the most famous villages that are on the way from Asalem to Khalkhal

If you are a mountaineer, you can walk from Nav village to Andbil village in Khalkhal. On this route, you will reach an altitude of 3,300 meters from an altitude of 2,100 meters, and you will see another nature from the Asalem-Khalkhal tourist road. 20 km from Asalem to Khalkhal, there is a village called Pirson, which has a wonderful forest route. Passing through this forest route, you will reach a place called Ashraf Valley, which will remind you of a unique view of paradise.

Animals such as bears, leopards and deer are sometimes seen on these routes, so be careful.

Entertainment of Asalem- khalkhal road

You can enjoy a variety of activities such as mountaineering, hiking and cycling; camping in the  jungle for the night; photographing beautiful scenery; Go to different farms or see beehives and get organic product. There is also a great variety of handicrafts and Delicious foods on the way from Asalem to Khalkhal, and you may have to spend hours to buy the souvenirs you want at a suitable price and excellent quality. That's why we can say that buying souvenirs from different stores is also a form of entertainment. So we suggest you don't pass by the shops and stalls on the road very quickly and organic animal products, pottery and delicious food such as olives,  olive oil,Zeytoon (Olive)Parvarde pomegranate, pomegranate paste, local fruits, honey and vegetables

Givy spa is near Khalkhal that swimming in them is useful for joint pain and skin diseases. Around this area there is the Givy Chai River and beautiful gardens.

Residence in Asalem to Khalkhal

One of the pleasures of traveling to nature is that instead of staying in hotels, you go to nature or stay in local houses. Houses that are decorated with simple but beautiful living things instead of luxury and modern ones. These cottages and local houses give you a very good and relaxing feeling. On the way from Asalem to Khalkhal, there are various accommodation centers where you can spend the night.  tourist centers, village houses with wooden huts and tents and camps are some of the best options for your trip. The warm-hearted people of the area are ready to welcome tourists and entertain their guests with whatever they have, but there is no hotel in this place.

Food  and  restaurants on the road from Asalem to Khalkhal

The uniqe variety of local cuisine of these two regions is exemplary, and dishes such as Mirza Ghasemi, Baqali Qatough, Grilled fish, Torsheh Tareh, Koi Tareh, Sir Ghalieh, Anarbij, Kal Kabab, Fruit Ash, Pichaq Ghimeh, Orishteh Polo, Ash Doogh, Kebab , kate(pilaff) with butter and local yogurt are some of the most delicious local dishes that you can enjoy on your trip from Asalem to Khalkhal.

Asalem Khalkhal Addresses

People who intend to travel to Asalem from Tehran must enter the Fuman road through the Rasht road and through the cities of Manjil and Rudbar, and after passing through the cities of Someh Sara and Punel, continue the route to Astara to reach the city of Asalem. This route is about 400 km in total.
But if you go from Ardabil to Asalem, the route is the opposite and you have to move from Khalkhal to this dream road.
From Tabriz and Urmia, you can also travel to the north of the country. Of course, you have to go a long way to reach this area.

Tips to keep in mind about Asalem Khalkhal

There is no gas station on the way from Asalem to Khalkhal, so when traveling to this area, it is better to make sure that your car's tank is full.

The road from Asalem to Khalkhal is a winding road. despite its extraordinary beauty, Because there are deep valleys ,you should be careful when driving and follow safety tips and drive slowly.

If you decide to travel to this area in winter, it is better to check the weather and road conditions before moving. In winter, due to the cold and snowfall, there is a possibility that the road will be closed.

Even when traveling in the summer, due to the foggy and rainy parts of the road, it is best to bring the right equipment and make sure the car's headlights are healthy.

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