Kool Khersoon valley

Dezful's Ghost Valley

Hormoz Silence valley

Hormoz Silence Valley

Shirz Canyon Lorestan

Iran's Grand Canyon

Valley and Hill

Iran is a vast country with four seasons and, in terms of nature, is one of the most comprehensive natural geographic structures in the world. The valleys of Iran are very diverse and exciting and spectacular due to climate variation. The valleys of Iran are considered as one of the main tourist destinations for being unknown to the tourists.

If we want to categorize the valleys as a whole, then we can be divided into three main categories:

  • Mountain valleys

    • Mountain valleys, which are mostly located around the Great Zagros mountain range, are located in the western part of Iran, and the water erosion factor has played a significant role in the formation of these valleys. In such places as the  Shirez valley, the kool Khersoon Valley, Raghez valley is this types.
  • Desert valleys

    • The desert valleys located in the center, east and south of Iran, and the wind erosion factor, have played a greater role in the creation of these valleys. The valleys like the stars valley, the Rage valley and the Kal Jenny in Tabas are of this style.
  • Forest valleys

    • The forest valleys in northern Iran are among the Alborz mountains. The structure and nature of the Alborz mountain range have been the main cause of the forest valleys of northern Iran. Like Darvishan valley in Mazandaran.

Apart from the special valleys in Iran, the geographic and earthy conditions of Iran in some regions have created unique mountains or hills. Like the Aladaglar Rainbow Mountains in Zanjan Or the Martian Mountains in Chabahar with a very fantastic and special appearance.