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Nayband village of khorasan and iran

Nayband Village in lut desert of Khorasan as Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful villages in Iran, located in the southern Khorasan province and Tabas city, with its attractive architecture that attracts many tourists every year. The village of Nayband is one of the examples of staircase architecture and is named Masouleh Desert. The village looks like a green island among the desert, and it has an amazing effect.



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Nayband Village Architecture

In the middle of the Tabas international road, the green rooftops of the palm trees attract the attention of every passerby. This green cover looks like a mirage in the desert, but in fact what is ahead of you is a village called Nayband. Nayband is one of the unique examples of staircase architecture that has been formed in the Lut Desert. In this type of architecture, there is a dense set of houses in which the roofs of the houses are used as their own courtyard and create a special solidarity among the inhabitants.

The most important feature of village architecture is its organic structure; in other words, the formation of rural neighborhoods and its texture does not follow a particular order, and all parts of the village are built solely on the basis of the natural gradient of the land. Lack of land in this area has caused a small area to be assigned to each building and the yard is removed from the houses. Longer walls surround the countryside's alleys, because the tight alley is less exposed to sunlight and does not disturb the desperate heat of the people.

Many alleys in the village of Nayband are made up of enclosures, known as Sabat. There are also platforms for sitting in these alleys, making it the place for the gathering of the villagers.

Generally, villages with stairway architecture are places where the roof of the lower house is for the upper house, and this model will continue to be several floors. Its overall look is very stunning and appealing.

In the meantime, the Masouleh village is located in the north of the country and is located in a mountainous and lush environment, but the village of Nayband is located in a desert and desert region and is considered as a masuleh in the desert. Of course, note that the Nayband is only in the desert range, but it is fairly lush and beautiful.

Traditional Nayband Foods

The presence of palm trees near the village has caused people to use plenty of date palms and this item has a special place in their food basket.

Material and Type of Houses

The main materials used in the buildings of this village are clay and thatch, which are gray in color due to the use of dark sands in these areas. In the village of Nayband, heavy sandy storms occur when people in the village use triangular Small windows to deal with these storms in their homes. These Small windows are located in the southern and eastern portions of the house and act as a damp and prevent the entrance of sand.

Mountain as the Core

Houses are located on a small mountain that is considered as the core of the village due to the lack of destruction of the mountain in earthquakes and strength. One of the interesting points in this village is the separation of residential and agricultural space, so that in the lower levels of the same small mountains, farms and gardens can be seen in multi-storey.

Shelter towers of nayband

In the village of Nayband, there are 3 guarded towers that survivors of the 300-year-old castle with 4 surrounding towers and have been protecting and guarding the village until the last century. When the bandits and government agents attacked, the observers from the towers announced the people to leav their homes, then blocked the castle gate so that no one could reach the people. A small wooden bridge is the only way to bring you to these towers.

Springs of nayband

What takes on your mind at first sight is how the Nayband forms and continues to live in the heart of this desert. What is happening to the Nayband to this day is the aqueducts and springs that give clean water to this village and other villages in the region. It's not bad to know that bath water, agriculture of Nayband and Zardgah village are commonly provide by the zardgah spring.

The Nayband mountains

Although Nayband is located in a desert country, three mountains of Shalam, Ali Abad and Mount Nayband have been considered as a mountainous region on the western side of the Lut desert. You can visit the hot springs in the mountainous part of the village, and even Take water and turn around in an area full of volcanic phenomena. This mountainous difference is relatively high, about 2500 meters in height compared to the Lut desert, and has isolated villages from the desert. The tallest of these mountains is Nayband, which is 3050 meters high and can be seen at its heights to watch the Lut Desert.

Nayband old caves

Around the village of Nayband, there are several caves in which there are works that indicate that the people of the cave lived in very far past. Of course, the great geographer of the Muslim world, Mohammed bin Ali ibn Havgel, has also named the Nayband in some of his books and described it as a place for travelers to rest.

The village is located on a mountain with a lot of holes on its body. These holes represent the thousands of years old villages and habitats of cavemen. Today these holes and corridors are used as storage sites.

Wildlife refuge of Nayband

Nayband Wildlife Refuge, in addition to its valuable vegetation, also has a special animal species.  Around the village is the Naybendan Wildlife Refuge and you can see the ram, goat, and Jabir, and even the Iranian cheetah and the beautiful Sandy Cats according to the season and the amount of luck. Asian cheetah is one of the most endangered species, with the largest number living in about 15 collars.

The weather of Nayband

Around the village of Nayband mountains are relatively high and large, but these mountains have not had much impact on the climate of this place, and you must know that the Nayband's air is very hot during the spring and summer and is very cold in the autumn and winter seasons. Even sometimes heavy storms and seasonal heavy rains are reported in this area, which is why it is more advisable to travel to this place in the autumn or early spring.

Address of nayband village

South Khorasan Province, 225 km south of Tabas, along the Tabas-Kerman Road.

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