Best waterfalls and canyons in Iran

Shevi waterfall of Khuzestan

Shevi Waterfall as Natural Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran and is considered to be one of the most unique waterfalls in the Middle East. Mountain views, pristine scenery and spectacular views are on the way to this cascade, which will double the attractiveness of your trip. This waterfall emanates from the inside of the cave and, after it comes out, flows down from high cliffs. The water of this waterfall runs through a distance from the plains and mountains and ultimately enters the lake of the Dez Dam in Khuzestan province.

Raghez or raghaz waterfall and canyon of Fars

Raghez Waterfalls and Canyon in Darab of Fars as Natural Tourist Attraction. Imagine the high waterfalls that sink into rock pools. Ponds that have created by the nature as a unique professional sculptor. The lush vegetation embraced in the green Raghez canyon, the sound of the passage of water, the magnificence of the walled walls and the rocks and the pebbles, and the cream and orange raghez bedriver can be called the beautiful features of the canyon.Over the course of thousands of years, the streams of water and rock have created a variety of beautiful natural architecture, each cascade or pond is different from each other, and each has its own beauty.

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Top Rated Waterfalls in Iran

Due to geographical location, weather and rainfall, Iran has about 330 waterfalls throughout the Iran. About 43 well-known waterfalls, along with local and seasonal waterfalls, reach 186 waterfalls and are among the most prominent tourist attractions in Iran. Waterfalls that exist in Iran are seasonal and permanent. Also in Mazandaran province, with 78 small and large waterfalls, the province has the largest waterfall, and Lorestan province has the second largest waterfall with 45 waterfalls.

It is worth noting that many of Iran's waterfalls such as Akhlameh, Efnrn, Ganjnameh, Niasar, Shushtar, Bisheh, Ghareh Sou, Semirom and Tangyeh Vashi have a historic history and have been considered by the kings and rulers in terms of tourism and economic aspects..

The most important waterfalls in Iran are: Khashab, Shalmash, Bagheram Beygi Boyer Ahmad, Banjar Peninsula Gachsaran, Margoon, Thirud Hard, Chang, Dourood, Taf Falls, Shevi Waterfall, Khezr, Kordali, Takht Soleyman, Cham Ave, Gor Gor, Harijan , Amol, Ej or Dehgol, Alexander, Maharan, Bibi Sidan, Shakrab Shemiranat waterfall, Weson Darband, Meigon, Seasonal waterfall of Adran, Ashraeh, Valley of Love, Shrine, White Water, Bashkala Waterfall, Kaboodvall and Piran Waterfall.