Raghez Waterfalls and Canyon in Darab of Fars

Why is Raghez special?

Imagine the high waterfalls that sink into rock pools. Ponds that have created by the nature as a unique professional sculptor. The lush vegetation embraced in the green Raghez canyon, the sound of the passage of water, the magnificence of the walled walls and the rocks and the pebbles, and the cream and orange raghez bedriver can be called the beautiful features of the valley

Over the course of thousands of years, the streams of water and rock have created a variety of beautiful natural architecture, each cascade or pond is different from each other, and each has its own beauty. Raghez large and vast walls along the path sometimes come close to each other, they look like a cave and sometimes get apart and create beautiful areas. The funny sounds of the waterfall, the descent and beautiful climbs, swimming between the clear ponds and seeing the fish, all including all the memorable moments of presence in the beautiful “Tang Raghez”. What makes Raghez popular among Ecotourists is the number of waterfalls that must pass one of them to reach the next.

Tang (canyon) Raghez

One of the most spectacular attractions of Iran's natural tourism is Tang Raghez or Raghez Canyon. Raghez means a slippery and slippery way. This tang(canyon) is located in the city of Darab, Fars province. It is one of the most beautiful and most beautiful natural areas in the province, with many springs and close to 64 waterfalls.

Tang Raghez has high waterfalls, beautiful stone ponds and beautiful natural pools. From the fountain, several ponds and cascades can be visited without the use of specialist equipment or specialized equipment. But to cross the rest of the waterfalls, you need to use the equipment and familiarize yourself with the basics of landing from the waterfall, which if you are accompanied by professional tours, there is certainly guidance. Even if your first time will teach you an exciting descent from the waterfall, you can put this exciting experience on the list of your work life.


Where is the Tang Raghez?

Fars province has one of the most beautiful canyons and waterfalls in Iran. To reach this place we have to get to the city of Darab. After passing a 35-kilometer route on the road of Darab-Shiraz, arrived at a stables named Darkouye. After that you have to take a dirt road that lasts for about 2 hours and may be a bit boring, but after this road is over, it's time to get started, and this time continue to walk on foot. After a short walk to the Behyadak Fountain, after a little rock climbing and passing through the large stones, it reached the Raghez fountain.

This strait is located in a region called Hasan Abad, in the southeast of Fars province. Raghez from the north to the cities of Neyriz and Estahban, to the west to Fasa, to the south to Lar and ZarinDasht and to the east to Hormozgan province.


Raghez waterfall's ponds

Underneath each cascade there is a pond that has created very spectacular landscapes. Raghez ponds also have different depths. The deepest deep pond is about 20 meters and the lowest is about 6 meters.Raghez's path ends with the last southwest waterfall, with a height of 46 meters.


The name of the waterfalls of Raghez

The important waterfalls of the route are as follows:

  • Negin waterfall is 16 meters high
  • Boomerang waterfall is 16 meters high
  • Masood waterfall is 8 meters high
  • Golab waterfall has 11 meters height
  • Fatah waterfall is 8 meters high
  • Hakmat waterfall is 11 meters high
  • Kaboutar(Pigeon) waterfall is 25 meters high
  • Jam waterfall is 9 meters high
  • Cave waterfall is 12 meters high
  • Azarakhsh waterfall is 65 meters high
  • Yadgar waterfall is 4 meters high
  • Veda waterfall is 46 meters high.


The best time to go to the Raghez

The best time to travel to Raghez is from early summer to first of October. Afterwards, due to the climatic conditions, it is difficult to swim in the ponds, and there is a risk of flood in the canyon. In the hot days of the summer, the joy of jumping in cool water ponds is indescribable.


What to take for the raghez

To travel to the waterfalls of the Ragh valley, you also have to experience the valley climbing. So, while you must have some training in swimming and climbing. you need to have enough equipment. Most importantly, you have to be physically fit. Cold water may be disturbing in some places, or it's not easy to land and cause stress; so you need to have enough tolerance to enjoy from diving in the water, swimming and watching the magnificent views of the canyon.

A one-day bag, a flashlight, a hat, sunglasses, water, tea flasks, light meals, sunscreen, garbage bags, insect repellent pens, a full complement of clothing, and a first aid kit. But you also need technical equipment. Harness climbing, landing gear, reels, helmets, life jackets, climbing belt, diving suits, shoes and back and forth flip-flops. If you want to stay in the valley night, take a flashlight, bubble and extra bedding.

It's best to have a waterproof backpack or seal it. Put your stuff in a zipper and then in two, three freezer bags. Then put all in a big bag and put it in a bag. Be sure to empty the air inside the bags. Do not go to waterfalls without help. If you are afraid of altitude or water, it's best to stay in the fountain and stay away. In case of rain, postpone the trip to another time. And in the end, be careful of the doves' nests.


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