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Tehran birds garden Zoo as a city attraction

Tehran birds garden

Tehran birds garden Zoo

Tehran birds garden Zoo as a city attraction. Tehran's birds garden as Tourist Attraction with an area of 17 hectares, One of the largest birds in the Middle East, Located in one of the beautiful forest parks in Tehran, Lavizan Park and You can watch a spectacular collection of 3,000 different birds from around the world. In this garden you can watch the birds fly in a relatively open environment and enjoy their presence in nature.

tehran birds garden

tehran birds garden

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Second Phase of Tehran Birds Garden

This tourism attraction has been designed and built in two phases. The first phase is for birds that are not capable of flying or kept within the cages of the collection. This phase, which opened in 1992, is called Dashtchir. The second phase relates to flying birds that have been named. Therefore, in the birds' garden of Tehran, you will also see birds flying freely and flying freely, and seeing birds that are kept in large cages. In general only bird and parrot birds are kept inside the cages. To get to the main entrance, you should walk a few stairs to get to the ticket sale. The entrance to the garden is at its highest point and from there you can watch almost the entire garden of the birds garden. From here, the direction of the bolt is in front of you and the path to various parts of this path passes.

Sections of Tehran Birds Garden

The birds garden of Tehran consists of parts of poultry, sparrow, birds of prey, tropical birds, pond birds, pigeons, peacocks and ostriches.

Watching the huge creatures that you have seen in the wildlife documentation is undoubtedly a great attraction to you. Varieties and species of birds such as eagles, hawks, horses, vultures, owls and etc can be seen in this part of the garden. These birds are kept in cages that are high enough to allow birds to fly.

Domestic Birds section

In the other corner of this garden, the birds that are kept can be considered domesticated. These birds fall into the category of poultry. All kinds of chicken and cousin, such as silk chicken and polish, are among them.

Sparrow part of Birds Garden

To get into the sparrow part of this collection, you must have strong nerves! Because the noise of these birds filled the space. Varieties of sparrows, canaries, fennec, golden ears and etc are from birds that can be seen in this section.

Beautiful ponds of Tehran Birds Garden

Another part of the birds of the garden of birds in Tehran resides in the garden ponds. Beautiful ponds on which wooden bridges are built. Watching a variety of swans, pylons, goose, ducks, pheasants, flamingos and etc swimming on the pond will be a memorable experience for you. In the tropical birds, pigeons, peacocks and ostriches are rare and beautiful species of birds exposed to visitors.

Address of Tehran Birds Garden

Babaee Highway, Omid Town (Bird Garden), Kuhistan Street, Tehran Bird Garden Collection

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