Qeshm Island

Nature lovers recognize the natural attractions of Qeshm, Hormuz and Hengam from the seven wonders of the world, and they believe that the existence of such a nature in the area of 1,600 square kilometers only with the word "unique" can be described.

Qeshm is the largest island of the Persian Gulf and the largest independent island of the world that has a strategic position. Qeshm is an island known as the Sea of Coral Paradise and has a gentle swim, covered with white sands and a delightful sunset.

From the stars valley  and myths related to the mangrove forests, there is always a great attraction to visiting Qeshm Island. Until just one year ago, they thought that the longest saline cave in the world was in Palestine. But today we know that the Qeshm salt cave with more than 6,000 meters in length is the longest salt cave in the world. Due to the Qeshm climate, a significant percentage of native birds in Iran and birds in other parts of the world migrate annually.

Historically, Qeshm Island is always a booming commercial and shipping center, and today all ships that intend to load from the Gulf States must cross its southern coast, and many planes that intend to fly from the east to the west should be Pass through its airspace.

Hormuz Island

It is safe to say that the island of Hormuz is an island of colors and wonders that has come out of the heart of the sea. The island has a lot of colorful soils to strange architecture, with every corner there's a wonderful story to hear and a plan to see. It's interesting to know that the Hormuz soil can be seen in seventy colors. This is not just an island, it can be said to be the land of wonders.

The Hormuz island is the latest Zagros mountain range in southern Iran. The island is a salt dome. Its surface is uneven, with the exception of the flat part of the island, which forms an arc of the east to the west of the northern part of the island, is the other parts of the island of the mountainous hill.

The island of Hormuz has been introduced as a tourism destination. Rocky cliffs and rocky beaches, seafood, pristine wildlife such as sharks, dolphins, turtles, sea anemones, and coral reefs, coral reefs in coastal waters, colorful salt domes, pastures and Thin forests, Portuguese fortresses and its cannon, Zafaraniyah's house and water reservoirs of the island are from the spectacular views of the island of Hormuz. More than 70 types of paint are extracted from the soil of the island, which annually creates artists using the earth's pillow on the west coast.

Due to the warm and sunny nature of the island, it is recommended to visit the cold seasons. Access to the island from the port of Bandar Abbas or Qeshm Island. Due to the fact that Hormuz is part of Qeshm Free Zone, foreign tourists can stay in this area for two weeks without a visa for Qeshm Island.

Hengam Island

The Hengam island is one of the most unique islands in the Persian Gulf and maybe the world that today has a lot of attractions in the definition of tourism and ecotourism. The Hengam island with silver beaches, colorful fish and dolphins, and crisp, clear, clean spaces.

To reach this beautiful island, tourists first have to go to the Kandalou village or the Shibderaz in Qeshm, and from there, by sea boat, visit the sea route to see the island.

The island is one of the few areas in the Persian Gulf where turtle mothers take refuge every year from the ocean by escaping environmental contaminations for laying on its clear and white beaches.