Top things to do in Qeshm-hormuz as tourist Attractions

Valley of statues coast as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

Statues Valley or Valley of Imagination in Hormuz as Natural Tourist Attraction. There are stones in different shapes, with a few hundred meters to the beach, in the way that the silver sandstones shine. Each of these amazing gems is likened to an animal with the imagination of viewers; one on the sheep, the other, a chicken and a cock, and, to your liking, the dragon-shaped stones in various states. It can be seen from the shape of rocks that over the course of thousands of years, the island of Hormuz has gradually emerged from the water, the process of erosion on them has played.

Chahkooh canyon as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

Chahkooh canyon, the beauty of the art of the mountains and the sea! Two canyons perpendicular to a depth of 100 meters and walls sometimes up to 20 meters, have a beautiful view of the volumes, cavities and natural statues that stare the eyes of any viewer.

Hengam island and beach as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

The Hengam island with silver beaches, colorful fish and dolphins, and crisp, clear, clean spaces, night shining beach and moreover you can also get souvenirs and local food there.

Red beach 0 of qeshm-hormuz

Hormuz Red and Silver Beach as Natural Tourist Attraction. The island of Hormuz is Red shade next to blue sky. On the small island of Hormuz, what is most persistent in the minds of the coast is the beach that lets you sit next to the Gulf sea and enjoy watching the waves. This time the waves have come in red and they want to collapse all the equations in your mind. This part of the island is covered with red soil and it is also colored due to crosses with sea water. Red soil moves along the waves of the sea to and fro and adds to the beauty of the beach.

Qeshm diving island and beach and city attraction as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

Qeshm recreational diving by boat is one of Qeshm's most popular entertainments. The waters of Qeshm Island have become one of the most amazing sites for diving in Iran due to its beautiful water.

Rainbow valley as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

Rainbow Valley is one of the parts of the island of Hormuz which has the most colors and is located in the southwest of the island, the valley consists of sections and mountains in different colors of yellow, white, red, etc., which combines these colored soils in Above all, they have created an incredibly beautiful scene.

Silence valley as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

To get to the natural areas of the silent valley in Hormuz as natural attraction of island, you have to walk a few hundred yards to enjoy the salt landscape in this valley, reach the rocky wall at the end of this path and enjoy its unique beauty. Be amazed Specific silence in this valley.

Hara forest as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

Hara Forest: The magical bond between water and salt and life. Hara Forest is one of the forests that transforms your perception of conventional forest and water concepts. Hara Forest is a unique ecosystem located directly in the tidal zone.

Naz islands as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

The island is a great place to find the perfect subjects for photography.These islands are separated from the coast and are connected to the beach at a tide, which means that you can go from the beach to the islands on the foot, and on the route, see crabs, sea stars, parrots and etc who were under water just a few minutes ago .

Stars valley as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

The stars valley of Qeshm has been around for about two million years and has been formed by the erosion of soil, rock and sand due to wind, rain and storms. This valley is one of the few natural masterpieces on Qeshm's beautiful island.

Qeshm salt cave as a natural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

Salt cave is not a typical cave, it is the longest saline cave in the world, which is about six and thirty kilometers wide and has a number of caves inside it. Certain teams from other countries along with Iranian teams are now exploring the cave for further exploration.

Bandar laft village as a natural and cultural attraction of qeshm-hormuz

The architecture of Laft Houses is a combination of Iranian, Gulf, and Islamic desert architecture. By placing the courtyard in the middle of the palm tree, palm tree shades are shaded over the rooms in the middle of the house. The waterfalls of Bandar-e-Laft are also unique in the region, including wells.

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