Best Souvenirs to buy from Qom for tourists

Gaz sohan souvenir as a thing to buy of qom

The other popular food among foreign tourists who takes them as souvenirs to their countries is Gaz and Sohan of Isfahan and Qom. Gaz and Sohan of Isfahan and Qom are souvenirs of these provinces that have many fans even among tourists.A similar type of Gaz is Nougat that it is popular as souvenir in Tabriz. Ordinary gaze with a variety of brands and excellent qualities is sold at the shops near the Shah Jahan Square or in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan.

Pottery souvenir as a thing to buy of qom

Pottery in Iran has a long history. The same thing has made the pottery attractive for foreign tourists and made them as souvenirs. Cities like Lalejin, Hamadan, Meybod and Natanz are among the most famous cities in the pottery industry.To the objects made of cooked Mud, they are called pottery. The artist is the pottery maker, potter and the pottery is an industrial blend with art that leads to the production of pottery.

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