Internet, Call and SMS in Iran

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Let us choose the best for you in Iran

Option  1
Simcard SimCard 1
Internet Data Data Bandwidth 1 G
Call Call in iran 10H
SMS International SMS 50
Option 2
Internet Modem Wifi Portable 3G/4G Modem 1
Internet Data Data Bandwidth 25 G
Users in the same time Max Users at the same time 6
Get back the modem and refund it's coast Returnable modem true

Internet Data, Simcard Call and SMS

Iran is a vast country and all of Iran's cities have high-speed mobile networks. Moreover all major intercity roads are also covered by mobile Internet . On the bottom map you see, mobile coverage and LTE,4.5G,3g,GSM technologies that have been used. We can provide you two types of services for you. .

Option 1) A SIM card based service that includes Call, SMS and Data and simcard should be placed on your phone.

Option 2) A wireless modem with a multi-device connection that offers a high-volume, high-speed Internet data.



In most cities and roads in Iran, the internet speed is 4G and LTE.

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Refund 50$ by getting back the modem to us.