Traditional and local restaurants in Iran

The traditional restaurant is a type of Iranian restaurant serving authentic and traditional Iranian cuisine. Traditional restaurants have a traditional, delectable atmosphere, as well as very old, using traditional Iranian architectural patterns with considering the important elements of life and using them in different designs indoors as symbol of Iranian historical and cultural identity and intertwined with various social concepts.

Traditional restaurants often use wooden beds, hand-woven carpets with cushions instead of tables and modern chairs to maintain their traditional form. Tiles in a variety of colors, cyan blue compositions and the use of colored glass for windows, after brick, are the most prominent and popular part of traditional Iranian restaurant decoration. Some of these tables also serve food, tea, coffee and hookah.

Modern and Popular Restaurants in Iran

Modern restaurants in Iran with exterior and interior features, attractive and unique decoration, lighting and coloring, fancy and stylish decorative objects, music performances and its special and romantic features, has created a beautiful, tranquil and comfortable space for customers. The interior design of these restaurants, blending modernity and tradition, has made a variety of choices for guests. In addition to their role in creating happy and delicious moments, these restaurants have become widely used and have become a beautiful place.

These restaurants offer a variety of drinks and foods that can be seafood, vegetarian or special foods from various nations and nations such as Japan, Turkey, Lebanon, China, Italy, and ... The customer is served.

Fast Foods Restaurants in Iran

Iranian fast food restaurants starts with stylish and luxurious restaurants, ending with old-fashioned sandwiches full of nostalgia, each of which is a world of memories. Every year, after many sightseeing tours, the first thing they do is go to the city's famous fast food. One of the unique features of Iranian fast food is its combination with modernity. Pizza, burger and fried chicken restaurants are all intertwined with Iranian creativity, so Western-like restaurants can't compete with them.

Coffee Shops or Cafes in Iran

The coffee shop position is very important in Iran and among the youth and it is growing in Iranian society. So that at least once or twice a week people spend their time in coffee shops and spend good times alone or with their family and friends. There are so many coffee shops that have unique designs. These coffee shops use a number of very creative ideas for their coffee shop, and even many customers go there because of their particular coffee shop design. 

Some cafes place many of their ornaments on a particular element, for example, a café uses antique and wooden utensils to decorate its café, which suits the tastes of others, while others use chandeliers and They use unique lights. Other cafes called the Mobile Café are also growing in Iran. Cafes that are very creative in their design are always popular with most people.

Tabakhi or kalle-pache restaurants

kalle-pache or Khash is a traditional food that is common in the Middle East and the South Caucasus. kalle-pache  has been an ancient and also popular food among Iranians for many years being cooked and consumed. Almost everybody who has tried this traditional and famous Iranian food once becomes interested.

In general, kalle-pache are made from sheep's head and legs, and include other ingredients: anemone, tongue, brain and face meat.Baking a kalle-pache is also dizi and time consuming. Some people take kalle-pache with lemon and cinnamon for easier digestion. This is a high-fat, high-energy meal that is a good time to eat in the morning because of its high cholesterol and fat content.


As we know, Iran is a vast country with a very diverse geography, with different cultures, customs, and lifestyles in each province, which makes any city or province in Iran have its own cuisine. Based on this, Iranhikers has provided a list of those restaurants for each city or province and put them in that category which you want to go that city.