Top things to do in Semnan as tourist Attractions

Badab soort or surt natural site as a natural attraction of semnan

Here, one of the most magical springs in the world.Badab-e surt as Natural Tourist Attraction in Semnan. Imagine a pathway that has a colorful spring and one of the finest color spectra. Orange, yellow and red colors. It is interesting to know that this spring has different tastes. The surrounding countryside forms the green valleys that add to the magic of this area. Go to Badab-e Surt to see Nature's masterpiece. Badab-e Surt(Soort) has become the world's second largest Spring Saline water. You will no doubt be astonished at seeing this spring, and you can see it just after the Pam Cosmos Fountain in Turkey.There is also a very beautiful pond near the spring.

Rig-e jenn or Jin desert as a natural attraction of semnan

Rigjen Desert as natural wonder tourist attraction in Centeral Desert of Iran in Semnan-Isfahan Province is located. Rig-e Jen desert with an area of 3,800 square kilometers is located in the southwest and west of Kavir plain, south Semnan, southeast of Garmsar, Rig-e jenn east of the desert protected area, north of Anarak and west of Jandag, and is one of the areas It comes with sand dunes and salt marshes in the heart of the desert plain. The Rig Jin Desert, also known as the "Bermuda Triangle of Iran", is free from any vegetation and living creature. So that the vast areas of this area and the marshes available for any living creature are dangerous. The mountain of Mollaadi is also located in this desert Has been.

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