┘ĆPastry and Souvenirs Shops(Handicrafts and Snacks)

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable parts of travel. A souvenir is a commodity purchased from a city, village or region by travelers and tourists to give to relatives, friends and acquaintances upon return. Souvenirs are typically handicrafts, industrial products, or sweets and snacks of various geographical locations.

As we know, Iran is a vast country, a multi-thousand-year-old civilization with a very diverse geography, with different cultures, customs, and lifestyles in each province, which makes any city or province in Iran have its own souvenirs.

These souvenirs are generally divided into two main categories: handicrafts and snacks. Based on this, Iranhikers has provided a list of those centers for each city or province and put them in the category of city you want to go there to buy souvenirs in that city.