Bread souvenir

Bread souvenir of tehran and bushehr

The local breads of each region of Iran give a heavenly taste, and the taste of each bite is derived from the climate and tradition of the people of that region.



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Golaj, the delicious bread of Firuzkuh (bread)

Another city in Tehran province is Firuzkuh. Firuzkuh is known for its agricultural products, fruits and grains, but all of these can be found in other cities. A kind of delicious bread called "Golaj" can be found among the nomads of Firuzkuh city, which is very famous. This high-quality bread is considered as a good local souvenir of Tehran province and around the capital, but Firuzkuh’s nomads have a special taste in cooking it and you can get the original bread from them. This delicious and healthy bread, which is very popular among travelers, lasts for up to a month in the refrigerator. Golaj bread is very nutritious due to its ingredients that are prepared from animals and cereals in the nomadic environment. Be sure to visit Firuzkuh, which is pleasant, and take this delicious bread with you as a souvenir.

Variety of local bread in Bushehr

Local breads always have a different flavor, most Iranian cities have special local breads. Bushehr's local breads include Nazok bread and Gerdeh bread and cooking these breads is very common in Bushehr. Komaj bread (Oatcake) is a large loaf of bread made with white wheat flour and yeast made from chickpea, and sesame and sugar are added to it.

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