Chadorshab or Chador Shab weaving souvenir

Chadorshab or Chador Shab weaving souvenir of hormozgan and gilan and golestan

Chadorshab as one of the best souvenirs of South and North of Iran. Chadorshab weaving is an original and traditional industry that has a very long history. Chadorshab is a silk fabric whose texture is the handicraft of the women of Iran.



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Chadorshab or Chador Shab weaving in South of Iran

It is used as bedspreads, pillowcases, tablecloths, beds, curtains, underlays and is in two color types; black and white or colorful, But usually in the colorful Chadorshab, colors such as red, orange, yellow are used and it has a special place so that it is one of the requirements of dowry for girls. According to experts, because in the past it was used for bedding at night, it was called Chadorshab (Shab in Persian, means night). In the past, the raw materials for Chadorshab weaving was made of cotton or sheep’s wool and camel hair due to the lack of population expansion. However, due to the advancement of technology, the expansion of the population and the emergence of synthetic fibers, which is also one of the imports, the raw materials have changed. Chadorshab weaving or "Karbafi" weaving, are another handicraft of Hormozgan province that the craftspeople of this field are active all year round.

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