Colorful soil souvenir

Colorful soil souvenir of qeshm-hormuz

There are several islands in the Persian Gulf, one of which is located in Hormozgan province, the small island of Hormuz, which has a very special beach. Due to the presence of minerals, Hormuz Island has soils of different colors, especially red, and that is why the color of the water waves on this island is red.

colorful soil

colorful soil

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About Colorful soil of Hormuz

The reddish soil on the island has a high economic value and is used in various industries of dyeing, cosmetics, glass, tile and ceramics, pottery and plastering. The color of these soils is so clear and pure that they give good results for these industries. This valuable soil was exported to other countries in the recent past, but the export of this soil was limited to prevent the destruction of this unique soil. This soil called Golak by natives that is a edible soil found in many spices in the area. The people of this region use this soil to cook fish and bread and prepare pickles, jams and sauces as spices and them create a special taste for their food. It is interesting to know that you will not only see red soil on this beautiful island, and you can also see other colors of this soil, which is another wonder of this island. Colors such as gold, silver and white, green, orange, cream, brown and light turquoise are other soil colors of this island that give a special effect to there. Hormuz Island is called by different names, Rainbow Island and edible Island. The people of this region pour different colors of this soil in the decorative glass so that the travelers who travel to this island have this amazing soil as a memento of Hormuz.

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