Holor souvenir and snack

Holor souvenir and snack of qeshm-hormuz and bushehr

Holor Cake is One of the most famous sweets baked in Qeshm Island. Holor cake is a spongy cake made from a mixture of flour, egg, sugar and vanilla. In Qeshm, most pastry shops have Holor cake.



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Holor traditional cake, special sweet of Qeshm souvenir

Near Qeshm Island, about 18 km away, there is a village called Holor. The village has two confectionery and pastry shops, where several local pastries are made. People and tourists believe that like this delicious cake, its aroma and flavor cannot be found anywhere else. Holor cake is one of the souvenirs of Qeshm Island, but you don't have to go to this village to buy this cake, you can buy it in all kinds of confectioneries on Qeshm Island. Since you can't find this cake anywhere else in the world, it's the best choice as a souvenir. If you are interested in sweets, be sure to try this cake.

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