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Honey souvenir of tehran and ardabil and mazandaran and golestan and lorestan

When it comes to the best honey in Iran! Anyone who has had the best experience consuming honey in any city offers it. Iran is one of the best and most diverse places for honey production in the world due to its four seasons climate and climatic and plant diversity.



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About Damavand Honey

Damavand honey has been known in Iran for a long time. It is very popular for people who are more familiar with this area.Damavand honey is collected by beekeepers at 1900 meters height above sea level and in the foothills of the Central Alborz Mountains, in the areas of Tar lake or in the foothills of mount Damavand. Damavand honey, like any other region, depends on the flowers and plants of that region. Damavand plants are thyme and milkvetch, and the honey produced in this region is also called the same name. Thyme honey and milkvetch honey have many properties. Damavand plains are full of flowers and medicinal plants, each of which can be used for treatment and food. Thyme honey is a disinfectant and tonic for the immune system, a powerful antioxidant, wound healing and treatment of stomach and gastrointestinal diseases. Milkvetch honey also has unique properties, including allergy treatment, respiratory and lung infections, liver protection, and dealing with viruses and bacteria. Damavand honey, due to the growth of special and medicinal plants such as thyme and milkvetch, has therapeutic properties, which is specific to the product obtained from this region, and this makes Damavand honey energetic and brings freshness to you.

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