Best Souvenirs to buy from Isfahan for tourists

Iran handmade fabrics souvenir as a thing to buy of isfahan

The quality and reputation of Iranian handmade fabrics varies depending on the city you visit. For example, the Kalamkari of Isfahan, which is produced with Geometric, roses flowers and plants shapes, is one of the most famous souvenirs in Iran, and has many fans among foreigners. Pateh fabrics are also souvenirs of Kerman city, decorative fabrics of wool, which are hand-woven and painted in natural colors. Termeh is also a traditional, handmade and silk fabric of Yazd city, which has a lot of reputation, and curved shapes such as Paisley and flowers of Shah-abbasi are used in different colors in Termeh.

Khatam souvenir as a thing to buy of isfahan

The Khatam Kari is one of the most famous wooden handicrafts in Iran. Khatam is a combination of regular polygons with different faces, which are formed using various materials in different colors and are considered to be precise handicrafts that require the production and construction of it to be very careful. The Khatam Kari artists, combining wood, metal and bone, create works that obscure the eyes of any viewer. These works are usually decorated with beautifully decorated jewelry boxes, photo frames, backgammon, etc. Foreign tourists often purchase Iranian Khatam Kari as souvenirs and gifts for their friends and family. The Naqsh e Jahan square of Isfahan and the Vakil Bazaar is a good place to buy this art.

Minakari souvenir as a thing to buy of isfahan

On the trip to Isfahan, you will see these enchanting dishes. Minakari or Enamel is one of the most famous souvenirs in Iran, which is found on the Naqshe jahan of Isfahan Bazaar. The works of Mianakari are basically copper dishes that are often decorated with blue ornaments on their surface with miniature designs or miniature flowers. These works are usually sold in the form of a pot, plate, cup and so on.

Turquoise or firouzeh souvenir as a thing to buy of isfahan

If you walk in traditional Iranian Bazaars, one of the things you will attract is precious and semi-precious gems. Among all the rocks in Iran, turquoise has a special place in Iranian culture. Another thing that catches the heart of the foreign tourists is the gorgeous blue rock. You can find precious stone jewelry or buy raw rocks and ask them to make jewelry as you want. Firouzeh Koob is a handicraft which It is made by putting small pieces of turquoise rock into a mosaic on the surface of the dishes, jewelry and decorative objects (from bases to copper, brass, silver, platinum or bronze). Between pieces of turquoise, a kind of dark-colored lacquer is placed. The more complex and ordered Firouzeh koob Dishes are, and the distance between the turquoise parts is less, the greater its artistic value. Today is the center of this art of Isfahan. Neyshabur city in northeastern Iran is famous not only for its wise Omar Khayam, but also for the best turquoise rock in the world. Turquoise from Neyshabur mine are beautifully shaved and used in different shapes in jewelry. These turquoise are also dipped into messy dishes in the form of turquoise art and one of the most unique souvenirs in Iran for tourists.

Gaz sohan souvenir as a thing to buy of isfahan

The other popular food among foreign tourists who takes them as souvenirs to their countries is Gaz and Sohan of Isfahan and Qom. Gaz and Sohan of Isfahan and Qom are souvenirs of these provinces that have many fans even among tourists.A similar type of Gaz is Nougat that it is popular as souvenir in Tabriz. Ordinary gaze with a variety of brands and excellent qualities is sold at the shops near the Shah Jahan Square or in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan.

Toreutics or ghalamkari souvenir as a thing to buy of isfahan

Ghalamzani or Toreutics is one of the traditional arts in Iran that includes the decoration of metal objects, especially copper, gold, silver, and brass, and the artists of Ghalmazani, creating lines and motifs by pen and hammer on metal objects, create extraordinarily beautiful works. This art, with its several thousand years of history, was prevalent in the Achaemenid period and peaked in the Sasanian period. In handicrafts Shops, we find precious dishes decorated with Ghalamzani. If they are gold and silver, their price is expensive. Ghalamzani or Toreutics is cheaper on copper and can be one of the best souvenirs in Iran. Principle of Ghalamzani or Toreutics is related to Shiraz and Isfahan.

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