Kilim souvenir

Kilim souvenir of east azerbaijan and tehran and bushehr

Kilim is called to a kind of handmade carpet, the texture of which is non-abrasive; it is usually made of natural wool and is sometimes interwoven with a mixture of wool and goat hair. Kilim weaving is a women's art and is mostly seen in rural and nomadic areas of Iran.



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About Verni/Kilim Bafi (Hamdmade Needle Rugs)

Ahar is the most important and famous city of Iran in Verni Bafi, but considering that nomads mostly did this art, they probably brought Verni Bafi to Tehran by moving to Tehran, so that this handicraft is considered a part of Tehran's original handicrafts.

Verni is a kind of special rug and beautiful hand-woven fabric that seems to have been created by combining carpets and kilims. In some areas it is used as a cover or decoration of pavilions. Verni is also known as carpet-like or nomadic kilim. "Verni" is a product between kilims and carpets, which, like other kilims, is woven mentally and without a plan in advance by the women and girls of the nomads and villagers of Arasbaran region. The texture of this rug is provided by cotton, wool and silk threads like a carpet, and sometimes sheep’s wool, which is abundant in the region, is used for weaving. At present, Iran is the only exporter of this product. Verni’s design reflects the beliefs, customs and traditions of the people of this region, and in its texture mostly the imagination of animals and birds’ shapes are used. In Verni Bafi colors like cream, crimson, light blue, white and vivid colors are usually used and are marketed in different dimensions.

Gabbeh and Kilim of Bushehr

The most famous souvenirs and handicrafts of Bushehr province are Gabbeh and kilim. Bushehr Gabbeh and kilim are world famous and are exported to many foreign countries.

There are many centers in Bushehr province where Gabbeh weaving is common, the best centers including the villages of Shul, Kamali, Bahmanyari, Mohammad Salehi, Abbasi, Fakhr Avari, Kolar and four villages of Ganaveh city. Gabbeh is a small rug that has long lint, and its designs are mostly inspired by nature features such as lion, tree, flower, etc. Gabbeh is often woven with colorful raw materials in original and traditional designs in the form of carpets.

kilim weaving, this art is currently done in most villages of Bushehr and has many fans. Winter is the season for weaving kilims in Bushehr province, and many villagers are weaving it in this season. Bushehr kilim with various patterns has very beautiful and lively colors. Rural families, in addition to agriculture and animal husbandry, begin picking sheep's wool in early autumn, and gradually the wool, which has been washed, is spun and dyed, and they start weaving kilims in the winter. The kilim is made of goat's hair, which is stronger. Woven kilims in Bushehr province, inside and outside the country, have many enthusiasts. If you want to give souvenirs from Bushehr to friends and acquaintances inside and outside the country, don't forget Bushehr's Gabbeh and Kilim.

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