Marine handicrafts souvenir

Marine handicrafts souvenir of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan and bushehr

Marine handicrafts can be considered as the most beautiful souvenirs of Hormozgan province, Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Bushehr and other southern cities of Iran.

marine handicrafts

marine handicrafts

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About Marine handicrafts

If you go to the coast of these cities, you must have seen that there are very beautiful oysters on the beach. During the tides of the sea, a large amount of oysters, snails and aquatic remains of the Persian Gulf flows on the shores of this gulf’s numerous islands (Kish, Abu Musa, Larak, Qeshm Hormuz, etc). Indigenous and tasteful locals collect them and make a variety of embossed paintings, pendants, curtains, decorations, sculptures and a variety of items to sale in bazaar. The raw materials used include the shells of snails, oysters, fish bones, coral, and they use colorless glue to attach the selected parts. For those friends who love decorative items, buying marine handicrafts in southern Iran can be a good option.

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