Oud souvenir

Oud souvenir of qeshm-hormuz

Oud is one of the most popular types of Iranian instruments that has been flourishing in Qeshm for many years, and in fact, it can be considered the most original native art of Qeshm.



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Southern Traditional Costumes

The distinctive feature of these clothes is the traditional designs, cheerful and varied colors. Qeshm markets are full of beautiful and traditional clothes that are reasonably priced. If you like, you can buy traditional clothes of Qeshm for yourself from among the countless designs and colors, or make your friends and family happy by buying them as souvenirs. These clothes are decorated with the art of embroideries such as Golabetoon-doozi, Khoos-doozi, Shak-bafi, etc, that have a unique effect. Apart from traditional clothes, Qeshm Bazaar is full of clothes that are very popular due to their reasonable prices. If you go to the Qeshm market, you will find a variety of traditional patterned fabrics with which you can sew beautiful clothes. Traditional decorations can also be seen in Qeshm bags, shoes and jewelry, and you can get them at more reasonable prices.

Souvenir Reference in Iran

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