Palm cheese souvenir

Palm cheese souvenir of bushehr

The lesser-known delicious souvenir of Bushehr is the palm cheese. Palm cheese which native people call it Ghap, is a crispy and white cheese that is actually the middle part of the palm tree.

palm cheese

palm cheese

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Palm cheese (Heart of palm)

Palm cheese is a good sweetener due to its lack of cholesterol. Palm cheese is very sweet, tasty and very nutritious. In addition to Bushehr, it is produced in Jahrom and Hormozgan. To make palm cheese, first the old trees, which the time of their fruiting, are mostly cut down, and the leaves and around the leaves are separated until they can reach the middle and the tree cheese. The kernel is actually the raw material for the formation of palm trunks before it becomes woody. Each palm tree produces between 3 and 10 kilograms of cheese that contains minerals, iron, fiber, vitamins and calcium. Palm cheese is white and sweet and is popular for its low cholesterol. This souvenir is one of the most expensive souvenirs in Bushehr.

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