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Saffron Souvenir as a thing to buy of Khorasan


Saffron Souvenir

Saffron Souvenir as a thing to buy in Mashhad, Ghayen and Torbat heydariyeh of Khorasan. Saffron, also known as the Red Gold, is one of the most famous and expensive souvenirs in Iran and spices in the world. Saffron of Iran has a superior quality among saffron in other countries. Saffron is famous for the cities of Khorasan province in Iran and has become one of the original souvenirs among foreign tourists. Moreover Saffron Ice Cream is known as famous dessert in Iran you can tast it and Saffron juice as a drink which is one of the best drinks in Iran.



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Ghayen and Torbat heydariyeh Saffron

Ghayen and Torbat heydariyeh cities are located in eastern Iran and north of Khorasan province. Ghayen is known worldwide for its high quality saffron. Therefore, most people believe that this city is the capital of this product, and its beautiful and valuable farm in the world. Generally, saffron farms can produce their crops for up to 5 years. But in Iran, the third and fourth year of saffron fields is the best time to harvest this plant.

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