Southern carpet souvenir

Southern carpet souvenir of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

Iranian kilim and carpet are world famous. Kilim weaving is also a long-standing tradition among women in southern Iran; in Hormozgan province, Bandar Abbas, in the villages of Dar Tujan and Haji Abad and Qeshm provinces, women are occupied in the production of carpets, rugs and kilim.

southern carpet

southern carpet

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Carpet or Rug weaving industries of Hormozgan Provinces and Qeshm

Carpet weaving, like kilim weaving, has been popular in these provinces for a long time. Manufacturers in Hormozgan usually buy the wool they need from Sirjan, and spin and dye it themselves. The most common type of knot in this region is Farsi knot, and the patterns that are woven in Haji Abad and Dar Tujan villages are Afshariye patterns. The main carpet weaving areas in Hormozgan province are Bandar Abbas, Haji Abad and Bashagard counties. The majority of carpet weavers in the area are women, but men do a small percentage of the work. Hormozgan province's handmade carpets have potential talents that are widely spreaded in different parts of the province. Also, light and small kilims, which are mainly woven in Qeshm, are the products of women and girls in this region, which will lead to the prosperity of this market in Qeshm, and many people are working in this field. Kilim weaving in this region is one of the traditions that has existed in this region for a long time and is still popular among the general public as one of the prominent elements of this province. The hands of the women and girl artists of Qeshm Island weave kilims that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The kilims are woven from goat's hair, sheep's wool and silk and are easy to fold. The designs on the carpets and rugs of Qeshm are very spectacular. You can take samples of carpets and rugs from these provinces to your homes as souvenirs, all of which are the result of the taste and delicacy of the spirit of their creators. Other products in the province, in addition to carpets and kilims, include: Gabbeh, Khersak, Jajim, Khorjin, Kashkdan and Namkadan. Khersak is a type of carpet with long and large weaves, the weaving of which is done with very limited colors and is common in Tujan province. In its traditional texture, the natural color of wool was used. In the past, it was used as a coverlet. Today, this type of fabric is used to produce mats in different sizes. Other products of Hormozgan province include Shirikipich, the production center of which is the villages of Haji Abad, and the reason for its prosperity is the neighborhood of the region with Kerman province. The proximity of this province to Kerman has led to the spread of Shirikipich, which is a kind of hand-woven. It is like a kilim and its texture is like a rug. In the patterns of this type of weaving, there is a lot of variety, and the color and pattern speak of the weaver's mind and creativity, inspired by nature and its beliefs. As a result, you'll rarely to see two similar Shirikipich.

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