Southern citrus souvenir

Southern citrus souvenir of hormozgan

Most of us always think that citrus is a fruit specific to the northern gardens of the country and it is not possible to plant and harvest it in other places, especially in the southern regions of the country. But we must note that one of the best souvenirs of Bandar Abbas is citrus and its products.

southern citrus

southern citrus

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Citrus in Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas and the cities of Hormozgan province have citrus orchards that annually provide a percentage of the needs of the surrounding provinces and the countries bordering the Persian Gulf. Citrus fruits grown in Hormozgan province include tangerines, oranges, lemons, sweet lemons and grapefruits, which are mostly produced in the gardens of Bandar Abbas and are sent to other parts of the province in addition to providing annual consumption. They are very tasty and very suitable for souvenirs. Also, Minab mango is often sold in Bandar Abbas, which is very tasty in its kind. Among the cities of Bandar Abbas, most citrus belong to the cities of Roodan, Minab, Haji Abad and Bandar Abbas. In the spring, if you have a trip to the city of Bandar Abbas, you can prepare these delicious fruits and enjoy eating them.

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