Southern embroidered fabrics souvenir

Southern embroidered fabrics souvenir of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan and bushehr

Embroidery including Roodoozi, Zardozi or Zar-douzi, Golabetoon-doozi, Khoos-doozi (also Khous-doozi), Kameh-doozi or Kam-doozi, Badeleh-doozi, Soozan-doozi (needlework) and weaving such as Chanteh-Bafi and Shak-Bafi are other famous souvenirs of the southern provinces of Iran, Hormozgan, Bandar Abbas and Qeshm, which are also sometimes in Bushehr.

Southern embroidered fabrics

Southern embroidered fabrics

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Golabetoon-doozi, Bandar Abbas-Qeshm beautiful designed souvenir

Golabetoon-doozi is one of the types of embroidery, also one of the best souvenirs and arts of Hormozgan that is known in other parts of Iran as Gol-doozi, Kam-doozi or Kameh-doozi, Kaman-doozi which is common in most parts of Iran and in Hormozgan province, especially the cities of Bandar Lengeh, Bandar Abbas and Minab is booming. 

Embroidering with beautiful, embossed designs on fabrics and embellished with gold or silver ribbons is called Golabetoon-doozi and is commonly used to decorate women's local clothing. Golabetoon was originally a type of gold that was made into a thin string. But now they no longer use gold for sewing, and instead replace it with Golabetoon yarn that has a metallic or white or colorful coating and is made into thin threads and sewn with hooks on the fabric, But still the golden pattern on the colored fabrics makes this art unique. Today, we can still see these beautiful designs on southern women's clothing, from slippers to women's trousers, handbags, sleeves, curtain edges, wall hangings, collar borders and tablecloths, and it is also swen on cushions, rugs and covers of the Quran.

Golabetoon-doozi, as the most beautiful engraved souvenir of Bandar Abbas, despite the great effort in sewing it, is inexpensive, so it can be a good souvenir for friends and acquaintances.

Khoos-doozi (also Khous-doozi), Hormozgan-Qeshm

Khoos-doozi (Khous-doozi) is one of the traditional embroideries of Hormozgan province, which is sewn by thin plastic strips in different colors on fine-textured lace fabrics, but golden and silver colors are at the forefront of weavers’ attention and sometimes metal stars are used to decorate them. The yarn used in Khoos-doozi (Khous-doozi) used to be made of silver metal. This art is used to decorate veils and shawls for women. The fabrics used are usually black, white, green and crimson, which have the same shape on the both sides of fabric. This art is very important for the people of Hormozgan and sometimes for gifts, the name of the bride and groom is embroidered on a piece of cloth and they are given a wedding night. Don't forget to visit the production and sales centers of this old art during your trip to Hormozgan province.

 Shak-bafi (a kind of Embroidery), Qeshm

Shak-bafi weaving is a domestic and traditional art and one of the souvenirs of Hormozgan province and Bandar Abbas, which are generally created by women. Shak is actually a thin strip made of cotton thread that is used to decorate rugs, veils, sleeves, collars, skirts, local dresses and wedding tablecloths. To weave it, a few gold and silver pulleys are moved on a special cushion to finally weave a strip 5 mm to 6 cm wide. Due to the width of this strip, they are given different names. The ribbon is woven in golden and silver metallic colors and its width depends on the needs of the consumer.

Chanteh-bafi; colorful souvenirs of Bandar Abbas

Chanteh-bafi is one of the most popular handicrafts and colorful beautiful souvenirs of Bandar Abbas, which is woven by the women of this region. Chanteh is a kind of sack or bag that is used to store various items in nomadic life. Chanteh usually has a handle that is made of its own thread and also used to hang it. These beautiful handicrafts are decorated with sea shells and colorful tassels. In recent years, the bag has become more of a decorative item, often in miniature designs and sizes, and travelers often take it with them as a means of decorating walls and homes.

Soozan-doozi (Needlework) (originally for Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchestan province) - in Qeshm

Soozan-doozi is one of the oldest methods of decorating fabrics and handicrafts that can be seen in some parts of Iran. Soozan-doozi (Needlework) in different parts of Iran differs in design, color and type of sewing. This art is often done by local women. The art of Soozan-doozi is a kind of embroidery and fabric decoration that is done with colored threads and needles on fabric and other textures, which is flourishing in Bashagard County of Hormozgan province, and the reason is the proximity of the region to Sistan and Baluchestan province.

Kameh-doozi or Kam-doozi, is the most delicate souvenir of Bandar Abbas

Kameh-doozi (Kam-doozi) is another type of embroidery and handicrafts for Hormozgan province. To weave it, local women wrap a cloth around a circle (similar to a daf), which is called a bow circle, and tie it tightly with a rope. Then, they paint on it with sequins and silk or gold thread, the best of which is silver, and separate the fabric from the bow and use the painting to decorate women's pants, floral fabrics and clothing covers.


At the bottom of Hormozgani women's trousers, especially for brides, you can see colorful embroidered designs, which are known as Badeleh-doozi. Beautiful and impressive decorative stitching, which is a delicate combination of all kinds of needlework and Shak-bafi. Badeleh-doozi is one of the handicrafts of Bandar Abbas that is sewn with silk threads.

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