Best Souvenirs to buy from Tehran for tourists

Iran handmade fabrics souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

The quality and reputation of Iranian handmade fabrics varies depending on the city you visit. For example, the Kalamkari of Isfahan, which is produced with Geometric, roses flowers and plants shapes, is one of the most famous souvenirs in Iran, and has many fans among foreigners. Pateh fabrics are also souvenirs of Kerman city, decorative fabrics of wool, which are hand-woven and painted in natural colors. Termeh is also a traditional, handmade and silk fabric of Yazd city, which has a lot of reputation, and curved shapes such as Paisley and flowers of Shah-abbasi are used in different colors in Termeh.

Carpets souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Iranian woven fabrics such as carpet, Kilim, gabbah, jajim and etc. are very popular among foreign tourists and the reputation of the global Persian carpets and rugs. The existence of diverse designs and colors is one of the reasons for the popularity of this art among Iranian souvenirs. Most tourists take a small piece of this carpet, Kilim Gabbeh or Jajim as a souvenir to their country. You can discover the beauty of these shops in Tehran, Kashan, Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz. These carpets are often expensive, but if you are not the one who can buy the best Persian handmade carpet, you can buy something smaller and cheaper, such as a small carpet or a Gabbeh. Foreign tourists often buy small carpets or rugs in order to easily put them in their baggage.

Turquoise or firouzeh souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

If you walk in traditional Iranian Bazaars, one of the things you will attract is precious and semi-precious gems. Among all the rocks in Iran, turquoise has a special place in Iranian culture. Another thing that catches the heart of the foreign tourists is the gorgeous blue rock. You can find precious stone jewelry or buy raw rocks and ask them to make jewelry as you want. Firouzeh Koob is a handicraft which It is made by putting small pieces of turquoise rock into a mosaic on the surface of the dishes, jewelry and decorative objects (from bases to copper, brass, silver, platinum or bronze). Between pieces of turquoise, a kind of dark-colored lacquer is placed. The more complex and ordered Firouzeh koob Dishes are, and the distance between the turquoise parts is less, the greater its artistic value. Today is the center of this art of Isfahan. Neyshabur city in northeastern Iran is famous not only for its wise Omar Khayam, but also for the best turquoise rock in the world. Turquoise from Neyshabur mine are beautifully shaved and used in different shapes in jewelry. These turquoise are also dipped into messy dishes in the form of turquoise art and one of the most unique souvenirs in Iran for tourists.

Kilim souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Kilim is called to a kind of handmade carpet, the texture of which is non-abrasive; it is usually made of natural wool and is sometimes interwoven with a mixture of wool and goat hair. Kilim weaving is a women's art and is mostly seen in rural and nomadic areas of Iran.

Leather souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Khorasan Razavi, Mashhad has been one of the leading leather manufacturers in Iran for many years. Every year it has exported many kinds of leather clothes, bags and shoes to all over the world.

Raisin souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Grape is a juicy fruit with soft skin that usually grows in temperate regions. There are many products of this fruit including raisins, jellies, and jams. The fruit has two types of Seedless and grainy, that are available in various colors such as black, red, yellow and green.

Pottery souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Pottery in Iran has a long history. The same thing has made the pottery attractive for foreign tourists and made them as souvenirs. Cities like Lalejin, Hamadan, Meybod and Natanz are among the most famous cities in the pottery industry.To the objects made of cooked Mud, they are called pottery. The artist is the pottery maker, potter and the pottery is an industrial blend with art that leads to the production of pottery.

Glassware or Shishegari souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

One of the oldest and most traditional handicrafts in Tehran is the glass art, glass cutting and glass painting, which dates back more than 2000 years to the country and has a rich history and originality.

Lavashak or aloocheh souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Lavashak or Aloocheh is actually an extract made from fruits and is made by drying. Drying is one of the simplest and most common methods of food storage that is as old as human civilization and is used today in various countries in various forms from traditional methods to industrial patterns for drying. Lavashak is an edible from the Persian-speaking land (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan) and has a sour and salty taste.

Honey souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

When it comes to the best honey in Iran! Anyone who has had the best experience consuming honey in any city offers it. Iran is one of the best and most diverse places for honey production in the world due to its four seasons climate and climatic and plant diversity.

Bread souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

The local breads of each region of Iran give a heavenly taste, and the taste of each bite is derived from the climate and tradition of the people of that region.

Apple souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Another of Tehran's most famous souvenirs is the Damavand’s apples. It is one of the most delicious souvenirs in Tehran, which is found a few kilometers from the center of the capital.

Cherry souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Cherries and sour cherries of Firuzkuh city have been very famous for a long time. Summer travelers in this area will have the chance to buy the best quality of these products.

Coffee souvenir as a thing to buy of tehran

Another souvenir of Tehran is coffee. Tehran's coffee shops, which smell good on the streets and sidewalks of some areas, are one of the best souvenirs for a coffee-lover in another city. You can find many stores in Tehran that sell all things related to coffee.

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