Wicker handicrafts or mat weaving souvenir

Wicker handicrafts or mat weaving souvenir of qeshm-hormuz and hormozgan

One of the most common, most widely used, and most beautiful handicrafts in the region, due to the abundance of palm leaves and fibers and plants in swamps and salt marshes, is hand-woven from palm leaves which is known as mat weaving.

wicker handicrafts

wicker handicrafts

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class="c4 c9" id="h.cjnhalk8ywg">About Wicker handicrafts in qeshm and Hormozgan

The creative and tasteful people of Hormozgan and Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Bushehr and other cities in the south of Iran even use the particles of divine blessings, and with this approach, they have become a kind of thankful creator of the universe and consider the smallest part useful. Like the palm tree, which consumes its fruits and products and benefits from its core. They also use palm leaves to make interesting and practical handicrafts.

Since the climate of the island is hot and dry, wicker products are very practical and useful, so wicker handicrafts are very prosperous. They produce products with palm leaves and straw and sell them in the market. Due to the presence of date palms in these cities, people make many handicrafts with these trees, a variety of accessories from kitchen utensils to decorative baskets that all have high quality and stunning beauty. Wicker weaving is often done by women artists in Minab, Bashagard county, Bandar Lengeh and their surroundings. Wicker products include: wicker rugs, fans, a kind of round wicker basket with a door for clothes, a kind of underlayer to cover the roofs of rural houses, lid for jars, a kind of round and large tray, Wicker pot, fruit bowl, a king of bowl for storing bread. Woven wicker mats are used as carpets, for house roof covering and home appliances, the best of which can be found in the village of Minab, 110 km east of Hormozgan. The artists of this region, with their creativity, weave different models of handicrafts.

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