Best Tehran Cuisines to eat for tourists

Mirza ghasemi appetizer as a thing to eat of tehran

One of the most famous Persian cuisines is Mirza Ghasemi's North Food, which is considered an Iranian vegetarian cuisine. To prepare Mirza Ghassemi, grilled eggplant mix with garlic and crushed tomatoes should be blended to make tomatoes and garlic, complete with eggplants. Add the egg and mix the ingredients until the whole egg is spread and cooked.

Sohan snack as a thing to eat of tehran

Qom Sohan is one of the most delicious Iranian sweets that is usually served as an evening with tea. Sohan, the main souvenir of Qom and the most diverse Sohans can be found in this city. Sohan is a traditional pastry made from a mixture of wheat flour, malt, sugar and oil, and has a very light and brownish texture.

Sabzi khordan appetizer as a thing to eat of tehran

It is impossible to eat Iranian food and do not have a cup of fresh vegetables along with food. In this container of vegetables such as tarragon, mint, basil, coriander with radishes, onions and walnuts, along with white feta cheese. Eating is simple! Just remove the slice of bread, add some green and some cheese to it, and, like a regular sandwich, cook it and then do it. The vegetable dish stays on the table all the time, and you can use it during meals. Both fresh and dried vegetables are found in Iranian food culture. For example, in the traditional Iranian New Year's Eve dishes, vegetables cooked with dried herbs are among them.

Doogh drink as a thing to eat of tehran

One of the most popular Iranian beverages found on most tables is Doogh. Doogh is a popular drink that has traditionally been obtained from yogurt in the process of butter production. The sweet type of Doogh is mostly due to the addition of materials such as rose water, mango or lemon, and the sour type is yoghurt, water, salt and pepper, which can be added to fresh vegetables such as mint and pineapple. Its color should be white to Milky white, with a special flavor and no foreign flavor.

Saffron juice drink as a thing to eat of tehran

Saffron juice is a very colorful juice that is popular in some parts of Iran, including Khorasan. Saffron Juice is one of the most delicious Iranian juices that can be prepared and welcomed by guests at the celebration. Research shows that saffron juice can be used to relieve insomnia that originates from brain stimulation. Saffron juice also makes digestion easier. Because of the effect of anesthetizing on the pulmonary nerves, saffron is a chronic cough in the bronchitis, and is also very effective in treating seizures and toothache.

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