Best Yazd Cuisines to eat for tourists

Qottab snack and souvenir as a thing to eat of yazd

Qottab Snack and Souvenir as a thing to eat in Yazd and Kerman. One of the most famous Persian cuisines is Mirza Ghasemi's North Food, which is considered an Iranian vegetarian cuisine. To prepare Mirza Ghassemi, grilled eggplant mix with garlic and crushed tomatoes should be blended to make tomatoes and garlic, complete with eggplants. Add the egg and mix the ingredients until the whole egg is spread and cooked.

Sohan snack as a thing to eat of yazd

Qom Sohan is one of the most delicious Iranian sweets that is usually served as an evening with tea. Sohan, the main souvenir of Qom and the most diverse Sohans can be found in this city. Sohan is a traditional pastry made from a mixture of wheat flour, malt, sugar and oil, and has a very light and brownish texture.

Faloodeh dessert as a thing to eat of yazd

Faloodeh or Paloodeh from Iranian Desserts. In fact, Faloodeh is an old ice cream dessert that is made up of thin strands of starch in a mixture of water, ice and sugar. Faloodeh of Shiraz, Kerman and Yazd are the most well-known of that which Shiraz Faloodeh type is usually eaten with a condiment such as lemon juice, Nastaran sweets or juice, but mix and eat Kermani Faloodeh with rose water and mint.

Pashmak snack as a thing to eat of yazd

Pashmak or Cotton candy is one of Yazd delicious sweets that has many fans. It is available in pink, white, yellow, brown colors. It is made of sugar, flour, oil and cardamom. The process of making this type of sweets is very interesting.

Halva ardeh snack as a thing to eat of yazd

Halva ardeh Halvah Ardeh is a very tasty food that is consumed mostly by breakfast, and its ingredients are: Ardeh, Sugar, Eggs, Cardamom and Chubak. In the manufacture of Halvah Ardeh is used from Sesame Bryan Sayedeh, which is said to be called Liquid. In the old days, it was not sugar, it was used with dates of dates, grapes or honey.

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