Top things to do in Yazd as tourist Attractions

Dowlatabad garden as a historical attraction of yazd

Dowlatabad Garden as a Tourist Attraction is one of 9 Iranian gardens, which has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has a worldwide reputation. This garden is the world's tallest Windcatcher, and architecturally very valuable. The very eye-catching space of this garden and its old building, and the entertainment facilities like coffee shops, can create moments of pleasure for you.

jameh mosque of yazd as a historical attraction

The Jameh Mosque of Yazd as a Tourist Attraction is one of the architectural and historical masterpieces of the world, and it can be said that it has the highest minarets in the world. The monument of this mosque has been glorious for centuries, which shines beyond the history of the civilization of this land.

Aghazadeh house as a historical attraction of yazd

Aghazadeh Historical House of Abarkooh is one of the most beautiful historical houses in the country with a special desert architecture. Unlike most windcatchers, it has two floors and added to the beauty of this historic monument.This beautiful house with 820 square meters of land and 528 meters of underground infrastructure with traditional Iranian brick architecture is related to the Qajar era.

Amir chakhmaq square as a historical attraction of yazd

Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd as a Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful architectural and tile works of the nineteenth century. The Amir Chakhmaq is very much beyond what we now know about the concept of the square. This square can be considered an ancient city alone, and it is absolutely essential for those who go to Yazd.

Narin castle as a historical attraction of yazd

This spectacular castle is about 7,000 to 12,000 years old, the oldest citadel of the world. Some people think Narin Castle as the white fort of Shahnameh.This castle, made entirely of clay and mud, was used at various historical periods as a state or military fortress. The castle is a military fortress, but some, considering its 5th floor, are likely to have ziggurat and used it as a temple.

Atash behram mosque and fire temple as a historical attraction of yazd

The fire of this fire temple has always been kept alive and is always blazing before Islam to now.The fire temple of Atash Behram (Zoroastrian Temple of Yazd) with a beautiful architecture derived from the Achaemenid architecture In the middle of the big and green courtyard with a pond in the middle and is on top and on the forehead of the mansion, the role of "Foruhar" is a manifestation.

Chak Chak or Pire-Sabz mosque and fire temple as a historical attraction of yazd

The Chak Chak or Pire-Sabz Temple, Iranian Princess Haven is one of the most sacred places of the Zoroastrians in the world, located 43 kilometers east of Ardakan, in the heart of mountain, in Yazd province.The very important and noteworthy thing about this shrine is the uncertainty about how it is built, while the growth of trees and the presence of water, in the heart of the mountain in this desert, has added to its secrets.

Kharanaq village as a natural and cultural attraction of yazd

In the middle of the desert, and where you think everything just ends up in a desert climate and sand, you encounter a mountainous region which has a historic village within it. An incomparable example of the village structure, dating back to its 4500-year-old history, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Kabootar Dovecote city attraction of yazd

This building has four thousand nests of pigeons and is a cylindrical and desert architecture with brick and gypsum decorations, which is designed to prevent the snakes and hunter birds from entering the tower.The outside is a circular raft with special designs, with a hexagonal arches inside, also has three floors.

Fahadan city attraction of yazd

The neighborhood of Fahadan takes us to the distant places of history, and many of the precious architectural houses are located in this neighborhood. The architecture of the streets and alleys of the neighborhood attracts the attention of every visitor. Neighborhood built solely from water and soil! The paths in which the pedestrians and the cyclists pass through you. Screwed alleys, some of which are known as reconciling alleys.

Lariha house as a historical attraction of yazd

The Lariha House consists of six houses with a special architecture of desert houses. Its doors, windows, Sash windows and mirrored and painted rooms are one of the most beautiful examples of aristocratic houses in 13th century of Solar Hijri calendar of the Qajar era. The complex is adjacent to the monuments such as the Ziayeh School or the Alexander's Prison and old tower and wall of Yazd.

Zarach Qanat city attraction of yazd

The oldest and longest Qanat of the world, called Qanat Zarch, is located in Yazd province. The length of this aqueduct is 100 km and the number of wells is 2115 loops. The age of this aqueduct is more than 3 thousand years.The number of wells drilled during these three branches is estimated to be more than one thousand loops, which is unsurpassed in its kind. The Salty branch of qanat passes through the mosque of Yazd.

Khan bazaar as a historical attraction of yazd

Historical markets of Yazd, the ancient art of Islamic architecture, with its minarets and windcatchers, offers its beauty to tourists. The Yazd Khan Bazaar is one of the old and traditional markets in Yazd. If we give it the title of the best Yazd Bazaar, it is true. Some of the traditional markets of Yazd province include the Yazd’s handicrafts, Terme, Qeysarriyeh , and Coppersmiths Bazaars.

Ice House city attraction of yazd

The Meybod Ice house is the largest clay ice house in the world, dating back to the Qajar period and possibly Safavid, is one of the few remaining glaciers in Yazd province, made of mud. Major parts of this magnificent building are: shaded walls, ice hollow, glacier and dome reservoir.

Shir kuh or Taft mountain as a natural attraction of yazd

Shir Kuh(Taft) peak with 4075 meters height in Yazd province, which is located in the center of Iran and is surrounded by desert on all sides. Shir Kuh Peak is one of the 1515 most prominent peaks in the world. Although it is mentioned in terms of the division of the individual mountains of Iran, it is in fact part of the central mountain range. Due to its proximity to desert, this peak has strong and dry winds on some days of the year.

Caracal desert as a natural attraction of yazd

Caracal Desert near Yazd and north of Tabas is one of the most special and famous deserts in Iran. Caracal Desert is very popular among desert hikers due to its beautiful wildlife and pleasant scenery. Caracal Desert, named after the clever Sani cat living near the dry lands of Bafgh, has recently become a tourist destination for many desert tours.

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